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Come inside a stay-home notice hotel in Singapore, where our cameras also enter for the fi

Pandemic Borders: Inside The Quarantine Hotel

For Channel NewsAsia


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Enter the quarantine hotel. 

To ensure incoming travellers are bubble wrapped from the rest of the community until declared free of COVID-19, hotels all over Singapore have transformed into quarantine facilities to house these travellers.

How did the country’s thousands of hospitality staff rally to become frontline workers, and what sacrifices are they called to make in these strange times?

For Channel NewsAsia


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Singapore is a land of incredible food, and we eat plenty of it. But the food we eat has an outsized carbon footprint that we can no longer ignore.

Politician Janil Puthucheary makes surprising discoveries about the foods in Singapore that are major contributors to climate change – spoiler alert, it’s not just beef. 

Can we eat our way out of this problem? 


For Channel NewsAsia


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A starring role in a Hollywood movie. 

A scholarship to a world class private school. 

Threats of eggs being thrown at your door.

These are just some of the things that can happen to you when you go viral online, whether by accident or on purpose. 

Can going viral change the world and yourself in ways you never expected?

Find out what happened to China's Ice Boy, Salik the multilingual Cambodian kid, S Hook lady, YouTuber Dax Flame, United Airlines’ David Dao, and the founder of Nas Daily after they went viral online.

For Channel NewsAsia


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Hack your DNA, and change your destiny.

The Nobel Prize-winning gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 can eradicate diseases, and maybe one day even enhance our looks, personalities, and abilities. 

How does it do that, and are we ready for it? Why are many still hesitant to adopt this revolutionary biomedical technology?


2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Visual or Special FX, National Winner

2021 World Media Festivals, Silver

For Channel NewsAsia


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What if all you needed was a pair of Virtual Reality goggles to travel the world, have a birthday party or even go on a date? 

Join host Joshua Lim as he explores if Virtual Reality can save our sanity and our economy from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.



2021 World Media Festivals

How to Survive a Pandemic: Living Life Virtually

Silver Award in Documentaries: Technology
Producer, Director, Writer

2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards

How to Survive a Pandemic Series

Best Visual or Special FX in TV Series/Film,
National Winner

Episode Producer, Director, Writer

2020 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Why it Matters: Face Off

Finalist in Science and Technology
Researcher, Assistant Producer

2019 Asian Academy Creative Awards

Why it Matters: Bad Pho-mance

Best Infotainment Programme
Regional Winner
Researcher, Assistant Producer

2019 World Media Festivals

Why it Matters: Bad Phomance

Silver Award in Documentaries: Society and Social Issues
Researcher, Assistant Producer

2019 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Regardless of Class

Bronze in Editorial/Viewpoint
Researcher, Assistant Producer