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Watch: SCMP Films

Role: Director, Shooter, Writer, Editor 


Watch: Channel NewsAsia

Role: Producer, Director, Writer

Honors: 2022 World Media Festivals, Gold


Watch: Channel NewsAsia

Role: Producer, Writer, Director

Honors: 2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Visual or Special FX, National Winner

2021 World Media Festivals, Silver​

Documentary: Services


Documentary: Awards

2022 World Media Festivals

Our Wicked Problem

Gold in Documentaries: Sustainability
Episode Producer, Director, Writer

2021 World Media Festivals

How to Survive a Pandemic: Living Life Virtually

Silver Award in Documentaries: Technology
Producer, Director, Writer

2020 Asian Academy Creative Awards

How to Survive a Pandemic Series

Best Visual or Special FX in TV Series/Film,
National Winner

Episode Producer, Director, Writer

2020 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Why it Matters: Face Off

Finalist in Science and Technology
Researcher, Assistant Producer

2019 Asian Academy Creative Awards

Why it Matters: Bad Pho-mance

Best Infotainment Programme
Regional Winner
Researcher, Assistant Producer

2019 World Media Festivals

Why it Matters: Bad Phomance

Silver Award in Documentaries: Society and Social Issues
Researcher, Assistant Producer

2019 New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

Regardless of Class

Bronze in Editorial/Viewpoint
Researcher, Assistant Producer

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